The Scorpion Saga Continues

Ok, if you are a loyal blog reader, and I really hope you are, you may remember we left off with a scorpion in our home at a single, lonely, confused and slightly misguided middle-of-the-night visitor (you can read about him here).  But it was just the one right?  Oh how I wish!!

A couple of weeks went by and then one morning, another one wandered into our home.  After the first one we started putting a towel down in front of the doors.   In India, the average home does not have carpet, only tile floors and the doors don’t fit as tightly as I would like.   There is a big gap under the doors, perfect for uninvited guests.  One
morning upon removal of the towel we found a second unwelcome critter.  He found a home in a jar and lived with us for several months.  His name was Fluffy.  Stop laughing I know it sounds goofy, but what else do you name a scorpion??

A few months later, number three came in the front door and he too ended up in a jar.  It was the same jar actually; Fluffy #1 had already perished by this time.  I had placed him on the window sill, but we were heading into fall and it was getting chilly here.  I guess he didn’t take too well to the cooler temps.

Anyway, the third scorpion didn’t live a long time either.  I had done some research and it said they don’t eat much, and can go months without eating.  But alas, that was not the case for this fella.

The fourth scorpion again came in the front door and ended up in a slightly bigger jar.  Now him I was determined to keep. Don’t ask me why.  I feed him beetles and flies.  It
was fascinating yet horrific to watch him consume these things.  Up until now the scorpions didn’t move much, always pretended they were dead, at least until they WERE dead.  They didn’t move around the jar or act aggressive.  But the fourth one was scary.  Damn scary!  He was bigger, and fast.  I would drop a fly in there and he would curl
his tail into the aggressive stance and then just at the right moment launch himself across the jar and grab with his pincers and stab with the tail.  I was soo grateful not to be a fly!!

He hung in there the longest, until he ate a fly that didn’t agree with him.  I fed him and he ate it, but a few hours later I found him on his back with all of his feet up.  Not very dignified but quick.

Our fifth scorpion came the day after we had a giant centipede in the house, and he was the strangest.  We found him not near a door but more in the center of the house and he was in the middle of a fit.  He was flipping around, waving his tail, thrashing and convulsing.  He made it to the jar but only lived a few minutes.  Our only thoughts are that:

A) he stung himself, which is not unheard, or so I have read, or

B) something else, much bigger got him.

Now personally, I don’t even want to consider option B  so we are going with he was a klutz and got himself.  Hey, it helps me sleep at night!

The sixth scorpion decided to visit me while I was a bit, um, compromised.  See I was in the bathroom, you know, just hanging out when my eyes focused on this thing a mere six inches from my exposed toes.  I guess I had actually stepped over it on my way in.  Let’s just say I couldn’t move fast enough!!

We have found when the scorpions are the floor they are pretty slow, almost docile but I have watched them attack something and they have a lightening-fast reaction time and they can move … fast!  A lot faster than I do!

And finally our seventh and final (I say this while crossing myself, praying, doing anything that assures it is the final) scorpion was already dead when we found him.  Now this is good news, made us feel better, except for the fact that he was near a pair of shoes.  That made us a bit nervous and now shoes that are not sandals, that are covered and have dark places, now go up on something.  They are not left on the floor.  Not that the scorpions can’t climb, but why make something even more available to them.

A few weeks ago we were watching a movie in which a character was stung by a scorpion.  The main character asked the stung victim, “How big was the scorpion?”

“Huge!” was the reply.

The main character said “Good, if a small one stings you, don’t be quiet about it”.

Aww crap!  That means the small ones are the dangerous ones.  I had already read this myself, but I was hoping I was wrong.  The only good thing right now is that we are heading into the colder season so we shouldn’t have any visitors in the next coming months.

At least that is what I tell myself 🙂


About Hindiprincess

I am a white, American woman who came to India to follow a dream. That dream has become reality now as I have married my Indian prince. However, life in a different country can be a bit difficult, crazy, amazing and always one GIANT learning experience!! I enjoy the differences India has to offer, am grateful for the basics I once had back in the states and want to share my experiences with the folks who may never get a chance to see what I am seeing. So I hope you come back and enjoy this ride with me!
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4 Responses to The Scorpion Saga Continues

  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh my goodness. I would probably be looking for another place. Could it be that this house just happens to be in an area with alot of scorpions and there are places that do not have this problem? You could move here to Iowa near Minnesota. Not too many scorpions here. They can’t take the winters!

    • You are correct! We are surrounded on three sides by empty plots of greenery, which is a bit unusual for India. This has attracted these critters and given them a great place to hang out … until they come to visit!

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